Baby cardigan – initiative handmade

Free instructions: Baby jacket with structure pattern – initiative handmade

Step 6 IMG_0695

New August 2019

Good Morning my sweetheart! After all, they come together faster, calmer and more confident at home 👌 I present you a new duvet in fashionable mustard color made from 100% Norwegian merino wool. It is incredibly cuddly (forgive my indiscretion, but it is so) knitting from Drops Merino extra fine. Yarn like 😍 Ultra-soft, obedient thread itself fits into the canvas 💗 Overalls can be ordered in any color and size! If you don't want to wait, you can …

Free Knitting Pattern for Teddy Bear Baby Blanket – 32.5 ″ wide x 28 ″ long. D …

Edsor bow men, wool Edsor crownsEdsor crowns

Baby Blankets – Baby Blanket, Children's Blanket, Patchwork Blanket – a unique product by LanaBW on DaWanda

Gallo socks men, cotton, multicolored Gallogallo

Billerbeck medium quilt bamboo Billerbeck

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