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Free crochet pattern with a star pattern

Knitted spiral hat

bugatti men's hat + scarf, microfiber, gray-brown mottled BugattiBugatti

If at some point I have had enough of the many socks, false braids, heels and the other sock stuff, then I knit on …

The weather is great and you spend your time outside whenever possible. But you can't always read or doze or just lie around. So I worked by hand. For example, a pair of “slippers” with a bag for our cabin holiday. To read… to read on

A refined, lady-like cloche has paired with a looped scarf, featuring alternating bands of brioche and stockinette. The irresistible faux bow with decorative button on the brim enhances the vintage style. The hat is easily convertible to a snuggly headband or a snazzy neck warmer – simply cast off after the brim and voila!

Fine Merino wool scarf by Lierys LierysLierys

Instructions: Knitting twist headband with pearl pattern (with video)

Crochet the shopping net with the bottom of the heart

Wool used: body edge 1: 6 sc in the thread ring [6]Rnd 2: double every stitch [12]Rnd 3: 6 * (dc, incr) [18]Rnd 4: 6 * (sc in 2 stitches, increase) [24]Rnd 5: 6 * (sc in 3 stitches, increase) [30]Rnd 6: 6 * (sc in 4 stitches, increase) [36]Rnd


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