FREEBOOK: Jumpsuit in sizes 50 and 56/62! Sew baby romper yourself (Lybstes.)

Finally a freebook again! The last one – the Hoody Freebook in size. 62 – came online in December, so it was high time again! And I stick to it: all Lybstes cuts will be in the

Crochet school: Learn to crochet: All basic terms explained for beginners (page 6) – BRIGITTE

Finally, my first two Freebie application templates LILA'LILU are available for you to download free of charge »Sewing for children» Application template

[Werbung] Free knitting instructions for a baby sweater with hidden button placket – simple German instructions without seam made from Schachenmayr Casual Soft

Merino Ripp Cap by Lierys Lierys

Knit socks for dummies – a guide including the size table myboshi blog – crochet, knit, wool & DIYs

Children's jacket with button placket – free knitting instructions

Sew your pacifier kite The pacifier kite is a friend to love – in all situations. Ingeniously as it is, it can be a pacifier holder, toy, cuddly toy, crackling cloth and burp cloth in one. His back spikes encourage babies to look and feel. Crackling foil in the feet makes little bullies sit up and take notice. If you sew soft molton or terry cloth on the belly side, the kite turns into a burp cloth in the worst-case scenario – and can thus always be at hand to whom

What is the fastest and easiest way to knit a loop scarf? Here is a quick, simple idea and a good answer to this question:

Filippa knitted hat by Lierys Lierys


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