I always like to knit gauntlets. I got the fetching from the orig …

I always like to knit gauntlets. I modified the fetching from the original and knitted it extra long. I find it in the W …

At least that's what this simple but effective pattern is called. The complete instructions can be found below, after the pictures. I…

© ️️ NotSoKnottyKnits A nice pattern, not difficult to knit (except for the thumb hole, I would rather do that if you are a beginner!). The free instructions are available from ravelry. © ️️ NotSoKnottyKnits They are called “Peppermint Petties”. Sweet. You might also be interested inKnitting instructions for wide scarf […]

Knitting blogger Jessica from shows you in this guide how you can easily knit cozy wrist warmers.

You can find a basic recipe for these fingerless sock wool cuffs on my blog. #Handwarmers #simple #knit #instructions

Knit gauntlets: A cuddly pair of arm warmers in fair isle pattern for knitting knitting instructions // gauntlets // fair isle pattern // norwegian pattern // free pattern // knitting pattern // counting pattern // counting template // instructions german //

Knit Gauntlets – Step 3

My half-timbered house: cuffs with instructions

Instructions for arm warmers with lace edging. Find out more in the raccoon magazine.

Knit cuffs in a waistband pattern


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