Knit cloth – Instructions for a simple shoulder cloth –

Knit cloth

The various #neck necklines #knit, round neckline shapes, square #neck necklines and V-necklines, instructions for knitting. www.handarbeitszi …

Are you still looking for the perfect companion through the cold season? Then I have just the thing for you! Because what could be better than a great self-knitted headband for warm ears? Also as a gift for family and friends, a great alternative to the products from the well-known business chains. The two variants that I would like to show you here are not only for advanced users

… quickly knitted from miles 6 and 8 times.

Ravelry: Project gallery for Tiits sock patterns by Nancy Bush – Knitting trends | nizy

Knit slippers – DIY instructions for slippers / slippers –

Knitting instructions cuffs

gloves knit leaves autumn

Stulpenanleitung – fingerless mittens pattern | Woll normal


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