Picture result for STRICKPONCHO 2017 – Knitting pattern #knitponcho Picture result for …

Picture result for STRICKPONCHO 2017 – knitting pattern #knitponcho Picture result for STRICKPONCHO 2017 – knitting pattern

the knit jacket Odd Molly Odd Molly

Gant Vintage Cable Knit Sweater (Green) GantGant

Soul warmer XL Simply beautiful!

Uncommon & Free Cardigan Odd MollyOdd Molly

Soft knitted scarf in Carlo Colucci style Carlo ColucciCarlo Colucci

Easy-to-understand knitting instructions for a poncho with a loop for the cooler evening hours. Ponchos are all the rage. They are extremely stylish and ultra comfortable. The poncho is knitted like a scarf, later placed on top of one another and sewn together on one side only. The instructions for the hat are not included, they must be ordered separately. All my models are protected by copyright and may only be used for private use. A duplication of …

Graceful Sweater Odd Molly Odd Molly

Knitting instructions net sweater, #net sweater #knit instruction


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