Triangle scarf / neckerchief for baby and toddler sew free sewing patterns in 2 sizes

Simply sew the triangular scarf for your baby and toddler. Free sewing patterns in 2 sizes to download from Very suitable for beginners.

Sewing a utensil is easy! Here in the instructions I show you how to do it in three easy steps. The perfect basket e.g. for lace or bias ribbons.

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Knitting * Super Easy Raglan sweater from the bottom, seamless | Learn to knit, learn to crochet with eliZZZa * knitting socks, knitting instructions, knitting patterns, crochet patterns, crochet patterns

Baby set for a girl

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Cuddle factor XXL? Goes easy with arm-knitting. Without needles! InStyle shows how arm knitting works.

Knit men's scarf for beginners – everything with heart

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